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Tragedy Unit

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Here you will find resources related to the study of tragedy during the unit to help you read the literature but also generate ideas to write about it.



Tragedy (Artist Unknown)


  1. Paper: Philosophical Reflection: Tragedy as Revelation
  2. Sample Paper (Incomplete) of Tragedy Paper (by Mr. Burke)
  3. Rubric: Tragedy Paper Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria 


Core Texts

  1. Antigone, by Sophocles
  2. Oedipus Rex, by Sophocles (AKA Oedipus Tyrannus, Oedipus the King) 
  3. Slideshow: How Artists See Antigone and Oedipus (View below)
  4. "The Tragic Fallacy," by Joseph Krutch
  5. "On Wall Street, Pride Signals a Fall," by Victor Niederhoffer and Laurel Kenner
  6. "Tragedy and the Common Man," Arthur Miller
  7. "Notes for the Tragedy of Modern Times," Henrik Ibsen
  8. "The Burial at Thebes: Religion and the State," by Mary Stange 
  9. "Before Law," by Franz Kafka 


Supplemental Readings and Resources 

  1. Wikipedia: Who was Antigone?
  2. Wikipedia: Who was Oedipus?
  3. Wikipedia: Who was Sophocles?  
  4. Wikipedia: What is a Tragedy?
  5. Encyclopedia: Aristotle on Tragedy (from Poetics)
  6. Essay: Arthur Miller, "Tragedy and the Common Man" 
  7. Obituatuaries: New York Times: Portraits of Grief (9/11) 
  8. Wikipedia: Tragedy of the Commons
  9. WIkipedia: Revenge Tragedy
  10. Epigraph: "The Great Encounter" 
  11. Research: Defining Wisdom: A University of Chicago Project 
  12. "Letter from Birmingham Jail," Martin Luther King, Jr.


Film, Art, and Multimedia Resources

  1. Painting: Pablo Picasso, "The Tragedy"
  2. Sculpture: "Tragedy," (Artist Unknown)
  3. Documentary: 9/11 (Pt.1)
  4. Documentary: The Smartest Guys in the Room
  5. Slideshow: The Titanic 
  6. TED Talk: What can tragedy and philosophy teach us about success?
  7. TED Talk: How much control we we have over our decisions?
  8. TED Talk: What can economics tell us about our moral code? 


Quotations About Tragedy

  1. Quotations: Tragedy 
  2. Quotations: Tragedy (Our List) 



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